(And Once Again) The Vatican Misses The Point

According to the Vatican Avatar “gets bogged down by a spiritualism linked to the worship of nature” and in the movie “Nature is no longer a creation to defend, but a divinity to worship

— they must have been watching a different movie than I saw the other night.

A Christian Perspective On “Why Haiti”

I was not the least bit surprised to discover that it’s a result of a deal made with the devil to get rid of the French….. silly Haitians, don’t they know they can’t trust the devil?

How’s Those New Attack Ads Working Out For Ya Iggy?

According to the latest Angus Reid survey, respondents were less likely to believe that the prime minister prorogued parliament “out of self-interest” after being exposed to the Liberal ad campaign. The place lights up the South Beach sky with a live appearance by Toronto’s AutoErotique (aka VNDLSM) tonight. Spanning the musical spectrum from electro to house, rave and rock, their shape-shifting set might veer to Norwegian Death Metal as it travels at a breakneck speed as these two quirky “autobots” dare you to party tonight.

Shorter Stephen Harper

We can only get our work done when those other pesky elected MP’s aren’t around to bother us. Exceptional food, professional service and a romantic vibe, this landmark offers a Miami Spice menu that includes short ribs, seared branzino, house-smoked salmon and wild mushroom cassoulet. Chef Philippe Ruiz offers so many of his best dishes at the seasonal set price, you will definitely want to return all year round.

Let The Feeding Frenzy Begin

Tom Flanagan: “The governments talking points don’t have much credibility. Everybody knows that Parliament was prorogued in order to shut down the Afghan inquiry, and the trouble is that the government doesn’t want to explain why that was necessary. I personally think it was a highly defensable action but instead of having an adult defense of it the government comes up with these childish talking points.

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