Lincoln Road Mall

As campaign season sweeps South Florida and residents and travelers feel the Heat of the Swing State Spotlight, STAGE LEFT STREETWEAR takes flight on Lincoln Road Mall in the heart of the South Beach scene. Candidates and pundits aren’t the only folks in the heart of the political debate now that this crowd-sourced contemporary clothing brand has expanded the FALL 2012 line to incorporate trend-ready screen tees emblazoned with the positive messages of HOPE, CHANGE and FORWARD thinking images that embody the future of the USA. Soliciting input from FaceBook & Twitter Friends using the hashtag #BELIEVE, the POSITIVITEES COLLECTION is ready to launch.

Share your spirit with the world in 100% cotton tees, Made in the USA that capture the ethos of STAGE LEFT. We know the RIGHT IS WRONG and that we’ll never be OUT-FOXed so its time to spread the word that after the ONE PERCENT has had their say, the 99% RULE the DAY! While the right wing candidates take advantage of the giant loopholes in campaign finance laws to channel millions of covert corporate dollars into buying elections, STAGE LEFT believes that real power rests in the hands of WE the PEOPLE.

Stage Left storms South Beach at the Lincoln Road Mall, Fall of 2013 with its left-leaning designs.

lincoln road mall
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