Stage Left – Life on the Left Side

The mission statement of our brand is Empowerment Through Positive Action. Our world can only change when we share a message of hope and work tirelessly to make a real difference in our country, in our community, in our schools, in our homes and in our hearts. Stage Left shares strength with the world with two new locations —Lincoln Road Mall and Ocean Drive in Miami Beach— by supporting American industry, by investing in an American workforce and only doing business with factories where unions are not just permitted, but encouraged to sustain a fair wage, a safe environment and strong and healthy laborers. Putting our money where our mouth is, Stage Left supports candidates and causes that believe in the Power of Personal Strength and the Good of All People to be the Best they can Be.

In support of our brand messaging, Stage Left conducted a crowd-sourced social media campaign utilizing FACEBOOK and TWITTER (#BELIEVE) to solicit innovative ideas from across the globe. Asking the question, “What DO YOU #BELIEVE? ” Stage Left challenged artists, writers, students and teachers to craft their message of hope and change and then upload their work onto our website and Facebook Timeline to be judged by our Friends and Fans. The top-ranked designs and messages were then translated by Stage Left artists into trend-right screens to be emblazoned onto tees, totes and hoodies so our brand ambassadors can share them with the world. Over 10,000 unique images were submitted to the contest in Spring 2012 and after 3 rounds of voting and the input of our celebrity board, the top ten entries gave voice to our final Fall 2012 Positivitees Collection.

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